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Reduce the spread of COVID-19 without increasing the spread of surveillance.

COVID Watch aims to empower people to protect their communities from COVID-19 without sacrificing their personal privacy.

Our app uses Bluetooth signals to detect when users are in proximity to each other and alerts them anonymously if they were in contact with someone later confirmed to have COVID-19, without anyone (including the government) being able to track who exposed whom.

We were among the first groups to release an open-source protocol for privacy-preserving, decentralized Bluetooth contact tracing, and have been collaborating with MIT’s SafePaths and CoEpi to make this protocol a standard across apps and jurisdictions. We are aiming to release the full app by mid-April.

We're pursuing a collaborative approach

We know that COVID watch is just one of a constellation of other apps in this space. We're collaborating with teams around the world, exchanging code and ensuring system and data interoperability. Read more on how we relate to other projects in the space.

Some of our partners include:

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